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heal from inner wounds & be the change you want to see

group programmes | counselling & therapy | philosophy  | education | mindfulness
     We help people live happy meaningful lives beyond trauma, mental health problems and inner pain 


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find meaning & purpose after trauma

re-discover your possible self with our life changing programmes - overcome fear, discover real relationships, how to stop self sabotaging & how to thrive by building an ideal compassionate self - uncover and make friends with your shadow.


The essence of what we are working toward with people is facilitating the process of becoming more themselves & more whole.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.  - Buddha

find out more about our 12 week possible human group programme

Buddha Statue

free community sessions - yoga, therapeutic mindfulness, 

education & research in positive psychology, trauma, healing and consciousness 

Street Art

possible human:
12 week programme

our life changing in-person group program of mindfulness, therapy, trauma work, life skills and re-programming

 daily meditation practice

guided practices free for all from home - therapeutic mindfulness

free to join
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Mindfulness & trauma informed programs in schools/ universities 

We are on a mission to teach mindfulness to 100,000 young people in schools

if you are a school/ college or know of one that would benefit read more about our school based programmes 
read more
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need help?

We don't believe that people are broken, We guide them and show them the possibility that is already there within - that is healing. We believe in creating an ideal Compassionate and wise self.

talk to us about using our counselling service for one-to-one support

We help people with addictions, porn addiction, self worth, grief, body image, eating disorders and trauma using compassionate counselling  


“It’s not about getting the feeling out of the mind, or hiding it, but about experiencing it with acceptance.”

- Carl Rogers (founder of person centred therapy)

the general way we approach counselling is in a person centred way - this means that a counsellor isn't the expert looking down upon a client but rather as an equal, that the pair can meet in a way that the client feels deeply listened to and able to work through what they may need to in a way that allows them to explore issues that they may/ or may not be aware of.

We offer people a safe space and guidance to explore or find their own answers - we've found it most helpful to healing and transformation of ourselves and people we work with to let wisdom uncover itself.

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working with the NHS to provide frontline mental health support

Crisis cafe - free support

Marlene Reid Centre, Coalville

Mondays 2-6pm

Wednesdays 6-10pm

Fridays 6- 10pm 

email info@innermovement.co.uk for more info


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Therapeutic  programmes

in-person/ online programmes and self study courses

Intensive transformative 
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5 day intro to self therapeutic meditation for beginners - online 

find your purpose - speak your truth:
8 week Programme 

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the wellbeing project

Thanks to funding from the Leicestershire and Rutland Communities Foundation our free wellbeing initiative has taken shape and we have been able to put together another 12 months of wellbeing sessions surrounding yoga, mindfulness and other therapeutic sessions that we can now offer for free to the community.

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