self image programme

10 weeks to transform how you feel in your skin


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Facilitated by
Lucianne Robyn
  (somatic counsellor, expert in trauma & attachment disorders)

Dylan Thomas

(counsellor, researcher in psychology, meditation)

The self-image programme is not your average body-confidence coaching but an overhaul of how you see yourself and gaining deeper clarity and understanding of why you feel the way you do. We've had a lot of experience working with eating disorders, self worth, self harm and toxic feelings such as shame and disgust.

Working with these feelings in ourselves is a tricky and delicate process and there is an epidemic of people feeling the need to change how they look through cosmetic procedures or yo-yo dieting, being trapped in "body prison". The self-image programme addresses the root cause of where shame, disgust or inadequacy may of come from in you. 

We will work on the fear of not being loved as we are and our perceived "need" to be better, slimmer, stronger, more sexy, less curvy, more curvy, more like Beyonce, more like Brad Pitt and so on - yourself simply not feeling "good enough" and therefore keeping you from living with complete confidence in who you are.

We will be working with this fear to transform it into self-acceptance and finally self-love as we work toward opening a public photographic gallery of each participant fully embracing who they are - "flaws" and all!

each programme is limited to 10 participants 


core content and schedule 

  • 10 weeks: in person 75 minute group sessions 

  • a daily commitment to embodied meditation & journaling ( 10 mins minimum )

  • a commitment to 2-5 mins of daily mirror work (looking at your whole body, including perceived "flaws")

  • two 1:1 sessions per person to look deeper into personal body image issues and gain clarity

  • access to online library of resources, Information and webinars  


In person sessions

each week will comprise of group meditation before moving into the session focus

Week 1: Welcome - Coming together as a group and relating through shared experience

Week 2: Looking into our beliefs and perceptions about our body/image, reaching deeper understanding of where these beliefs stem from and how the past colours our present


Week 3: Working through shame and its origins, how shame affects our self perception 


Week 4: Challenging our beliefs and perceptions about our body/image, working on changing negative to neutral 


Week 5: Self-compassion, bringing in positive, loving thoughts and imagery *2hr session

Week 6: Re-imagining our flaws through creativity


Week 7: Re-imagining our flaws and owning our differences *2hr session (this session will involve art therapy and photography)


Week 8: Becoming ready to accept and love ourselves for good. Discussing thoughts, feelings and emotions that may still be holding us back, and what excites us about moving forward

Week 10: Leaving the comfort zone, embracing our bodies. This session will be our grand finale! To graduate, participants will be displaying photographs in a public art gallery promoting body-confidence and positive self image.