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Lucianne Robyn
  (somatic counsellor, researcher in trauma, attachment and personality disorders)

Lucianne started her work with children with developmental disorders in primary school after finishing college. She then trained as a yoga teacher and counsellor and began working with adults and children of all ages running therapeutic classes combining yoga and mindfulness practices with group therapy whilst also working one-to-one and running educational workshops on trauma and the mind-body connection. She has a particular interest in body-centred therapies and uses her knowledge of the bodies response to stress to work with clients. She believes in treating individuals as a whole and not splitting people in to parts or symptoms but understanding where there has been a disconnect and working to bring back equilibrium.

Therapies offered: Somatic therapy, Yoga therapy, Compassion centred therapy, Person-centred therapy, Addiction counselling.

Outside of work, Lucianne enjoys reading, yoga and strength training, playing guitar and spending quality time with her partner and two children.



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Dylan Thomas
 (counsellor, researcher in psychology, meditation)
Member of ACCPH (accredited)

Dylan started his professional life as a yoga therapist and meditation teacher which he continues alongside seeing clients in a counselling setting as a qualified therapist. He specialises in mindfulness based cognitive therapy, compassion focused therapy, men's counselling, self harm, complex trauma, eating disorders and depression. He is studying a BA in philosophy and psychology -  Eastern philosophies are what he particularly specialises in; Buddhist studies, Taoism and yogic philosophy which he feeds into his client work - such as concepts of compassion, understanding the mind and evolutionary psychology. He practices counselling in a person-centred way (Rogers 1940).

Therapies he offers: Person-centred therapy, Mindfulness based cognitive therapy, CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy), Humanistic therapy, Somatic coaching. 

Qualifications & CPD:

  • Therapeutic Counselling diploma level 5

  • 6 month Embodied Meditation Teacher Training

  •  Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace (RQF)

  • An introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy -  with Professor Paul Gilbert OBE 

  • BA Honours Degree - Philosophy and Psychological studies (2021-2025)

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher training 

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher training with Dylan Ayaloo

  • Trauma informed practice in the health sector level 2

Outside of work, Dylan enjoys surfing, practicing yoga, martial arts and spending time with his family out in nature.

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counselling services 

We offer counselling services working with individual clients and or/couples or groups. 

Fully qualified and accredited counsellors specialising in trauma, self-worth, body image.

We work in and offer several different therapeutic approaches:  Person-centred therapy, Somatic body inquiry, compassion focused, humanistic and mindfulness based CBT. Embodiment coaching ( a somatic way of working with the body)


If you want to speak to us to find out if the services we offer are suitable please contact us below. We ask all perspective clients to submit a brief form with the general outline of what it is you might want help with - no details will be shared.





one to one counselling in person £40

1 hour sessions with either Lucianne or Dylan: unless you state a preference for a counsellor at time of booking you will be assigned depending upon availability upon booking.

Trauma work, person centred, psychodynamic, attachment therapy 

The process is centred around giving you a language to understand and accept past experiences in your life, In the process we look at what has been meaningful to you and the deeper meaning of that in your life. We explain the uses of the evolutionary psychology model, the biopsychosocial function in helping us interrupt and intergrate these meanings.


block of 10 counselling sessions £325

1 hour sessions with either Lucianne or Dylan: unless you state a preference for a counsellor at time of booking you will be assigned depending upon availability upon booking.

Trauma work, person centred, psychodynamic, 


one to one counselling online £35

Online counselling conducted via zoom - 1 hour



Walk and talk therapy £45

an 1 hour session conducted in outside. Walk and talk therapy is essentially the normal counselling session transplanted to an outdoors environment. Some people find being active and outdoors more helpful to engaging with the healing process, you aren't trapped in a room and don't have to sit in a chair. 


couples counselling £50

1 hour session for couples - giving Language to couples to explore their meaning and deeper internal worlds within the context of their relationship. Uncovering unmet needs and dissatisfactions that may or may not be unaware. We will work together to create a picture of each persons ideal self within the relationship.


Somatic & body based coaching online or in-person £40

In somatic or body based coaching, we work and pay attention much more to what the body is doing in relation to present emotions/ feelings that we may be experiencing. We use the body to find out and explore what might be happening in our bodies.

useful for trauma, money issues, self-worth, relationships, inner communication, self-criticism.

“It’s not about getting the feeling out of the mind, or hiding it, but about experiencing it with acceptance.”

- Carl Rogers (founder of person centred therapy)

the general way we approach counselling is in a person centred way - this means that a counsellor isn't the expert looking down upon a client but rather as an equal, that the pair can meet in a way that the client feels deeply listened to and able to work through what they may need to in a way that allows them to explore issues that they may/ or may not be aware of.

what people say


Dylan really helped me through a difficult time in my life and helped me change my perspective. Over a period of 12 years I had seen multiple therapists to address issues relating to anxiety, depression and marital issues. With invariably unsatisfying results, I had lost hope. I was utterly pessimistic about the possibility of being happy. I can honestly say my sessions with Dylan changed this and I have finally been able to uncover and rewrite some of the deeply embedded patterns of negativity. I can't recommend him enough!

Aaron Birch

Sessions are catered for all walks of life. I have found the practices they teach so beneficial for  managing anxiety.

Ian Bayliss

I have learned a great deal about myself  during the Mindful Mondays programme. It's really helped me to be more open and see things from another perspective.

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possible human:
12 week programme

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