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possible human:
10 week programme

learn to create an ideal wise self to overcome trauma, fear & addiction - find joy, strength & meaning

In this programme we will cover

September 2022    January 2023     April 2023
   £300  - 10 weeks
Weekly sessions: Monday 7-8.30pm
The Marlene Reid Centre, Coalville

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this process is as much about finding the best of who we already are at our core - but also creating the possible version of ourselves. To consciously unstick ourselves from negative core self beliefs. You likely feel better about yourself, be a better partner, feel more whole, more accomplished, make more money, make better life decisions, have more self compassion and compassion for others.

who's it for?

core content and schedule 

core content and schedule 

  • 10 weeks: in person 90 minute group sessions

  • a daily commitment to mindfulness practice ( 5 mins minimum )

  • a commitment to a new discipline at least 3 times a week ( cold showers, at home yoga practice, creating writing)

  • 2x one to one counselling sessions (one a month)

  • weekly group check in on zoom ( 30 mins)

  • access to online library of resources, Information, whatsapp group and webinars


In person sessions

 each week will comprise of 5 minutes of group meditation and 20 minutes of yoga before moving into the weeks focus.


Week 1: Welcome - Looking into what we are carrying, shadow, shame, trauma and motivations : developing internal communication 

Lecture + group process

Week 2: Understanding the self and the brain: lecture on defective brain states, the neurological map of mental ill health, trauma and depression, affects, feelings, emotions and consciousness


Week 3:  Creating a different map of the past - psychomotor therapy:  exploring the past events and memories that haunt us, uncovering their meaning, their hidden language to help us gain more self understanding  *2.5hr session


Week 4: Creating a Compassionate self: changing our relationship to body image and self worth - compassion led therapy

Week 5:  Somatic therapy: body based process, exploring deeply held unconscious holding patterns of tension or automatic holding patterns in our embodiment With Lucianne (Somatic Therapist)


Week 6: Changing habits, addictions and behaviours - looking into the addictive mind, the brain chemistry related to addiction, practical changes and therapy around our addictions 


Week 7: Building ourselves - social skills, personality change, interpersonal relationship dynamics, relating as the ideal self and reaching maturity 


Week 8: Building skills for life - an overview: mindfulness, therapeutic life skills, ideal self, perceived self and reflecting upon progress


Week 9: Creating a life of meaning - coaching & group process: in this week we will explore ways of creating a meaningful life for ourselves as individuals moving forward with what we have learnt


Week 10: Graduation & Ice bath   *2.5 hr session - a recap of the entire course, celebrating the groups achievements & progress. The chance to celebrate as a group by ending the process with an ice bath

Facilitated by
Lucianne Robyn
  (somatic counsellor, expert in trauma & attachment)

Dylan Thomas

(counsellor, mindfulness based cognitive therapist,
researcher in psychology & meditation)

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We are both so happy to offer these programmes to people, particularly this possible human course as it represents all our combined knowledge and experience from working in private practice as counsellors to facilitating groups. The reason we are so excited share is to firstly open up the therapeutic world to those who wouldn’t normally tread down that path, so to de-stigmatise therapy but also to combine it with other body based arts that are helpful - meditation, yoga, dance, spoken word, drama. 

  This is to offer what we believe in our experience is the best of both worlds, up-to date psychology, neuroscience and group therapeutic process combined with holistic arts such as meditation, movement practice as well as things like nature therapy or forest bathing.

  We believe in the possible human, a compassionate wise version of who we already are - That being said we can only work on becoming this possible ideal self as we or after we deal with our addictions, past traumas or internal wounds. Addictions come in many shapes and sizes, there is no judgement as on some level we all have something, a form of escape to avoid pain - take playing video games as an example , a temporary chance to escape or avoid your pain. 

  Our process takes the participants on a deep and transformative journey over the 12 weeks that is geared to finding the wise ideal and compassionate self - where we ask people to re-access and understand their pain, this is usually the thing that makes people stuck in life, the inability to move beyond that pain -consequences of this usually are that the person finds it hard to have healthy relationships ( intimate and with family),  be comfortable with themselves, find joy or meaning.  We ask people to discover self awareness, a better and more Compassionate mindful way of being - that makes them more who they want to be more of the time.

“It’s not about getting the feeling out of the mind, or hiding it, but about experiencing it with acceptance.”

- Carl Rogers (founder of person centred therapy)

the general way we approach counselling is in a person centred way - this means that a counsellor isn't the expert looking down upon a client but rather as an equal, that the pair can meet in a way that the client feels deeply listened to and able to work through what they may need to in a way that allows them to explore issues that they may/ or may not be aware of.

what people say


Dylan really helped me through a difficult time in my life and helped me change my perspective. Over a period of 12 years I had seen multiple therapists to address issues relating to anxiety, depression and marital issues. With invariably unsatisfying results, I had lost hope. I was utterly pessimistic about the possibility of being happy. I can honestly say my sessions with Dylan changed this and I have finally been able to uncover and rewrite some of the deeply embedded patterns of negativity. I can't recommend him enough!

Aaron Birch

Sessions are catered for all walks of life. I have found the practices they teach so beneficial for  managing anxiety.

Ian Bayliss

I have learned a great deal about myself  during the Mindful Mondays programme. It's really helped me to be more open and see things from another perspective.

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