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We realised early on that the power of change has greatest effects on those in developmental age. Tools such as mindfulness and self regulation from therapy, as well as trauma informed education are much more relevant to those at the age who might need it due to difficulty expressing how they feel, difficult home life or confusion about self identity etc. 

We teach young people how to regulate their emotions, not only that but to understand how they're feeling as well as pratical ways such as mindfulness to be able to move through difficult emotions in a helpful way for those who crucially lack the skills and knowledge to develop healthy ways of behaving, relating and being.

Our mindfulness in schools program is open to any school/ college/ university in the east Midlands/ North West Leicestershire area.


an hour introductory talk to students on mindfulness for emotional regulation  

an hour introductory talk to students on mindfulness for emotional regulation - suitable for age ranges 14-24

5 week extended program - mindfulness for emotional regulation  for students

This builds upon and includes speaking to classes/assembly - age range 14-24

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