Welcome to my kitchen!

This is where you'll find some of my recipes, meal prep, tips and tricks. Whilst I'm not a chef, I do have to fit cooking into my busy lifestyle and since going vegan I've taught myself how to create delicious, nutritious and simple meals for me and my family.


Black bean and butter bean slow cooker stew

Black beans are high in protein and fiber. They help maintain healthy bones, lower blood pressure, ward off illness and aid healthy digestion and weight loss. Butter beans (or lima beans) are an especially good source of iron. One cup of lima beans contains roughly one quarter of your daily recommended iron. Combined with veggies, this is a perfect, healthy and hearty meal to enjoy as a family.


Creamy mushroom and lentil spaghetti

Mushrooms are full of immune supporting nutrients and are a great source of vitamin D, teamed up with lentils which offer packed with nutrition makes this a great dish to feed yourself and your children with no complaints as it tastes amazing too!


Date and cashew energy balls

Our favourite sweet snack - these energy balls just need 3 simple ingredients and a food processor.


3 ingredient banana ice cream

Super simple, all you need is 3 ingredients, a food processor and you can have this yummy processed sugar-free ice cream in your face.


Savoury protein muffins

These muffins are packed with plant protein from the tofu and chickpeas and hold an egg like texture, making them the ideal breakfast food, brunch snack or post-workout treat!

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Nutritious breakfasts

My favourite breakfast recipes to fuel your body and mind


Butternut squash and spinach curry

Butternut squash - the cold weather superfood!  rich in important vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting antioxidants.


Protein banana muffins

These sugar free muffins are the perfect snack wether you're a gym freak or you're just looking for a healthy nibble

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