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talks & workshops in schools, colleges, universities & workplaces

The Principles of Compassion for a happy life

We have worked with many organisations such as businesses, schools and universities talking about the life changing effects that people can benefit from when they develop compassion for themselves and others - from changes in behaviour to changing their relationship to past traumas and experiences and the principles needed to thrive in life.

people we've worked with:


"I went to a workshop today and it was a breath of fresh in a very confusing time.
Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. And it was very informative.
I look forward to taking part in future workshops and activities." - Paige

"The Inner Movement has taught me that recovering from complex trauma doesn’t have to be all tears and talking. it taught me the science behind trauma in the body, how it affects the nervous system, and that connecting with my body and hearing what is has to say can actually be a fast track to recovery. So thank you." - Nicola

"last year I discovered the inner movement and so pleased I did. I regularly attend lucianne's workshops and would highly recommend to anyone. all the groups are so welcoming and friendly and not only have I built my confidence back up and opened my mind to new experiences I have also made lots of new friends. Lucianne is so inspiring and puts so much time and effort into planning and executing her sessions while making an effort to talk to everyone individually to make sure they are happy and answer any questions they have. you are always welcomed with a warm smile which can brighten up any day. the fact that alot of these sessions are free make it so accessible for everyone which is a rare find nowadays. I'm so happy I found lucianne's and the inner movement." - Kerrie

Enjoying the Nature
"compassion is always the right thing to do - it can warm our hearts and mend them. If not yet, then at some point we will all benefit from giving or receiving compassion and support"

Lucianne Robyn - The Inner Movement 

Beach Walkway

The principles of compassion

we have delivered talks and workshops on compassion, compassion focused therapy & trauma informed practice & wellbeing in a range of settings; mental health settings, workplaces, private sector organisations, colleges to a range of audiences; young and old. We talk about our five principles of compassion which are adapted from compassion focused therapy and the work of Professor Paul Gilbert.

1 / Common Humanity and Empathy 

Common humanity helps us build empathy for others - when we can consider the potential suffering of others, the struggles we all have as humans. That are brains are products of evolutionary processes and that we find our self just here in a brain, body and life that we didn't necessarily choose.

2 / Developing Self Compassion for our experiences

Being compassionate to ourselves is not easy - We are often very harsh and negative about ourselves. Our pasts and negative experiences in our pasts such as; trauma, being exposed to violence or abuse from a young age, having overly strict parents, being rejected in relationships or friendships can all lead us to develop a negative inner voice. We share strategies to create a more positive helpful relationship with our past and oursevles.

3 / Courage and wisdom to do the right thing

Doing the right thing is often the harder thing to do. To give up addictions, to live a life with kindness, to be strong and courageous when it is required. We offer people the chance to develop their own internal wisdom and courage that helps them make better life choices for themselves and those in their lives. 

4 / Commitment to Compassion

Commitment to doing the right thing and living a life of compassion. We help people reflect upon their values and ethics to decide upon how to act, who they want to be and then making the commitment to living a life in accordance with their values.

5 / The confidence to thrive and be useful

We bring all the other ingredients of compassion together; courage, wisdom, commitment, common humanity to ask how can we live a confident life in which we thrive as individuals but also how we can encourage and support our commnities and societies thrive and be more compassionate.

Commercial Buildings

Are a charity or community service/ organisation in North West Leicestershire ? We would love to offer you a free workshop or talk

some of the benefits of compassion for your organisation 


Mental Health charities & services

Learning about and cultivating compassion:

  • Increases levels of self compassion 

  •  Decreases stress, anxiety, depression

  • increases many positive biological markers such as HRV

  • for professionals: can help professionals apply compassion in their Services and organisations, also to understand compassion fatigue/ staff burnout


For Workplaces &


Compassion has been shown to:

  • reduce employee stress

  • improve workplace satisfaction 

  • increase productivity 

  • promote better workplace relationships 

  • increase empathy in the workplace


For educational institutions 

Compassion in education:

  • Improve students outlook to learning

  • Creating a more compassionate education system

  • creates compassionate framework to help isolated students

  • helps staff and students

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